Use NLP to Get Over a Breakup

Use NLP to get over a breakup

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One of the things I’m often asked – mostly by NLP enthusiasts and those who are beginning to dabble in Neuro Linguistic Programming – is whether you can use NLP to get over a breakup.

Well, the short answer is yes, of course you can. NLP is a tool for mind-management (for better managing your mind). Your entire day-to-day experience is interpreted in your mind. Take control of this asset, and you get to set your own terms to a large extent – significantly enough to change your perception about almost anything.

So a resounding ‘yes’ it is: NLP can be used to get over breakup.

In my book, How to Get Over Your Ex, there is an introductory chapter to NLP. You can get this too with the free sample (just download it from the home page or the sidebar). The book itself is based on sound NLP principles: each step has elements of NLP – some more than others – integrated, so you can ‘do’ without necessarily having to know ‘how’ or ‘why’.

So, no need to learn a new skill. For those who just want results without much content, just implement the steps and trust the system.

On the other hand, for those who like to get in deep, I do provide explanations as to how and why these techniques work, and how they work within the NLP framework.

Happy reading!

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